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Click on the bricks to rebuild Ukrainian cities:  Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and more

Earn money for Ukraine by watching in game ads

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100% of net proceeds from ads revenue donated to impact, vetted, on the ground charities

Option to donate directly

Made entirely in Cherkasy, Ukraine

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Welcome to PubRev+

We make you more money.

It's that simple.

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About Us


With some of the most experienced leadership in digital and mobile media, PubRev+ is one of the premier independent global consultative agencies providing commercial optimization and strategic revenue creation for the coolest app publishers across verticals, including entertainment, retail/ fashion, technology and more.


We work across direct and programmatic media to provide unique, bespoke services for publishers to optimize strategy, improve operations and significantly raise revenues.


Culturally, at PubRev+ we strive to work for something more than ourselves. We are parents, educators, artists, entrepreneurs, digital experts. Skills can be learnt - but who you are, and what you stand for comes from somewhere else.


We understand that by helping to make global mobile advertising more effective, we can not only directly improve revenues for publishers, but more broadly positively affect popular culture.

"PubRev+ have been a great partner. They have helped us grow revenues and given us expert insight into the advertising space that we wouldn’t have had otherwise."

Casey Dickinson

CEO, FTX Games

Business Conversation

Our Services


Do you feel you could be making more revenue from advertising?

How do know how much opportunity there is?

Our experts will work you for 1-2 weeks to determine the most valuable opportunities and make recommendations, before you do any large scale investment in resources.


Do you know the areas of your ads monetization strategy that you would like to improve, but you would like to start slowly? Do you have current AdOps resources that need help and support?

We work alongside your AdOps personnel, providing best practices across operations, technical, ad product and business development. During our engagement we will identify and help you resolve what are currently missed opportunities for revenue growth.


For Publishers who know where they would like to focus, but need full time AdOps resources at a lower cost than recruiting and hiring staff, we offer our Studio package. 

We will provide a highly skilled AdOps team, customized to your needs, at a very cost efficient price. Our team will begin resolving any outstanding missed opportunities from day 1, and work with you to put in place a strategy for growth across the short, medium and long term.

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Spotlight Case Study

Trebel, the world's only free music download app, hired PubRev+ to run its AdOps and increase programmatic revenue through straight optimization, but a lot more was needed to grow capacity and revenue. PubRev+ identified gaps in technical project management, release and QA process, issues in ad logic, waterfall setup, new ad network contract best practices, and partnership management.


PubRev+ quickly added support and management for all the above, first targeting Trebel’s Android platform, and within the first month increased Android programmatic revenue by 30%.


Over the following three months, PubRev+ identified optimal waterfall setups to balance latency, high impressions per DAU and CPM through A/B testing, sourced and negotiated significant ad network integrations deals and bonuses, raised Trebel’s CPM through new ad network partnerships, and managed all technical integration, QA and adhoccing. 


PubRev+ brought in third party reporting and ad quality testing companies to help Trebel free up resources, focus on mid-term strategies and grow capacity - essential for any publisher.

Bob Vanech

CFO, Trebel

"The PubRev+ team have been great to work with. They helped us make more money, and filled a lot of gaps we never knew we had”

Group Seflie

Connect With Us

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand forward. As a fully integrated mobile advertising optimisation team, we know how to help you and your business grow and flourish. All you’ve got to do is get in contact!

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