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We're Taking Connected TV Advertising To The Next Level

PubRev+ brings a combination cutting edge technology and old school personal service to Connected/Smart TV advertising

Our team has over 50 years of digital advertising expertise


Use our industry leading targeting capabilities to learn about the 'what, when, where, and how' of users without sharing the 'who'. With a greater understanding of the consumer in a privacy-compliant way, you can identify relevant consumers, understand their preferences and behaviors and deliver truly relevant advertising.


Our game-changing intelligence tools show you where OTT/CTV audiences eat, shop, play; what their interests are; and what other apps they use.


What can I see using PubRev+ that I can't see on my own?


Do you know if your users go to the movies, McDonald’s, Burger King, a car lot, a mattress store, Target, Walmart? Do you know how often they go, and if they recently switched from one to another? Are your customers more likely than your competitors' to have Disney Plus or Netflix versus Amazon Prime Video? Do you use these insights to target future CTV/OTT or mobile campaigns?


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